Balans, bronze, height of figure 2.20 m, basin and wells 12 m x 6 m, Klostergården, Örebro City Park, 1985

Nude figure balancing on an edge, wading pool with two levels and reliefs under water, channels to two fountains, site size: 12m x 6 m, all modeled in clay and cast in bronze. "Trying to reach the spring across the footbridge, between freedom and coercion, without getting stuck or falling. Humanity balancing on the parabolic trajectory of life, with the fingers of one hand stretched out towards the stars, the vision, dream, spirituality, blueness, incomprehensibility, the universe, imagination, departing and letting oneself go, music, infinity, love, the circle. The right hand reaches down from far above to earthly domains, weight, reality, fields that must be ploughed, firmness, the bread of life, everyday work, organization, routine, blood, flesh and desire, redness, squareness. Goal: Fresh flowing spring water, birth and rebirth of all beings." RB