J A Selander, Eskilstuna

J A Selander

An intrepid defender of democracy, was the chief editor of Eskilstuna-Kuriren between 1920 and 1963. This sculpture
contains several stories and issues concerning courage. The fountain pen was J A Selander's weapon. On November 30, 1940 the Soviet Union attacked Finland. On the wing we have inscribed his own words:

On its way into a dark future the word has no other choice than to be free.
J A Selander Dec 4, 1940

This was written shortly before the start of one of the three court cases in which he was tried for his continuous public
criticism in Eskilstuna-Kuriren of Hitler's, Stalin's and Mussolini's dictatorships.
J A Selander's lawyer formulated his successful defence as follows:

The truth cannot be named libel.

J A Selander was found not guilty at all the trials.

The Pen was his Weapon