Näcken Örebro Concert Hall

Näcken, Örebro Concert Hall 1986, bronze, 5 m.

"Näcken's Travels" whispers, sings and shouts, sighs and smiles. This choir is made of plaster, bronze or newspaper with polyester. It brings to mind TS Eliot's "The Waste Land". Among the debris of flexes and electrical devices, there are loudspeakers and music composed by Brixel and Johannes Cernota. The planks between the sculptures lead visitors into the work. Näcken is a shapeshifting water spirit from Swedish folklore. According to some legends it is the figure of a woman, but is usually a world-weary man who has seen it all, both good and evil. The Neck liberates and reconciles by creating art of some kind, or by telling the tale of human life, far away and near, in shadow, light and change.