Magic Senna (Scale model with signatures)

magic senna scale model sculpture richard brixel

Magic Senna (Scale model with signatures), 77 x 49 x 36 cm.

The Ayrton Senna Sculpture is built on four parts. The first part is Ayrton Senna, the man. The second part is the car, we chose later the McLaren nr 8 he drove at his magic victory in Donington 1993. The third part is the ocean, the wind, the waves binding together all the continents where Senna worked. And the fourth part is Brazil symbolized by the Brazilian flag he flies in his right hand.

This was my first idea when I was contacted in January 2004 and asked if I was interested in making a monument to commemorate Senna. Of course I said yes immediately. The Senna sculpture is a continuation and development of ideas I had for the monument over Ronnie Peterson I had made 6 months earlier placed in his home town Orebro, Sweden. Peterson and Senna both had extreme and exquisite speed and car control, from childhood practice, in common.

In the sculpture Ayrton Senna is carried by the waves in an upwards going spiral towards upcoming adventures.