Brixelgarden, Museum

Richard Brixel has his home and his studio by the lake Hjälmaren in Sweden, Brixelgarden offers an art and cultural experience with many dimensions: garden and water landscape, nature and art. In the park we show small and full-scale models of several of the major public commissions that Richard Brixel has done over the years, for example of “Dream” in the Olympic Park next to the Bird’s Nest in Beijing, the “Ayrton Senna” monument and of the “Skidbladner” sculpture that is placed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site L’Anse aux Meadows, Newfoundland.

Richard Brixel is a well-established and respected internationally active sculptor with a long career. He has participated in hundreds of separate and collective exhibitions in the Nordic countries, Italy, Germany, and the Netherlands, China, Canada and many other countries. Richard Brixel’s works are represented in private collections and museums in all over the world. His bronzes – up to eight meters high – are permanently placed in about 50 public places around the world.

The arrangement is organized together with Arboga Municipality and is free of charge but you need to register your participation in the Arboga Municipality. In order to plan the event in the best way we need to know how many visitors that come to Brixelgården. You must therefore notify your visit in advance, by 19 May at the latest. When arriving in Brixelgården, enter with your name on the attendance list. As the number of parking spaces at Brixelgården is very limited, you can go by bus. The cost for going with bus is 50 SEK, return and children up to 15 years go for free.

NOTE! The number of seats is limited, so the event can be fully booked.